Rate Limits

Jun 8, 2021 06:13 AM
Info about the public API rate limits
The Pixel Chat Public API has a rate limit on a per account basis. We use a sort of bucket system.
The way this system works is as follows, a user account will have 500 bucket points to start. Every minute these points will reset back to 500, each API request that is made on this account will take points from this bucket. Each type of request will have a different point-cost associated with it, you can view these point-costs below.
If an account reaches 0 points, all further requests for the current minute will fail. Remember that these points are Per Account and not Per Token
On all requests Pixel Chat will return 2 useful headers, x-bucket-points will tell you how many points are left in your bucket, and x-seconds-till-refill will tell you how many seconds are left until your bucket refills.

Point Costs

Route | Method | Cost

/user | GET | 2
/overlays | GET | 5
/overlays/[overlayId] | GET | 2
/overlays/[overlayId] | PATCH | 10
/overlays/[overlayId]/message | PUT | 2
/scenes | GET | 10
/scenes/[sceneId] | GET | 5
/scenes/[sceneId]/components/[componentId] | PATCH | 15
/uploads | GET | 10
If you need a bigger bucket size, please contact us in the support chat.